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Dave Breed & Ramon Dekkers Golden Glory Training footage

27/2/2013 – I have just been sadly informed that Ramon Dekkers has passed away. I’m uncertain as to the full details, believing it to be from a heart attack.

I’m totally stunned and right now speechless. My condolances go out to his family, friends and training partners.

RIP Ramon my friend x x

Dave Breed training at the world famous Golden Glory Gym, this was a birthday surprise trip organised by my girlfriend, (thanks babe, I’m sure your trying to finish me off ha ha) the trip was absolutely amazing one I’ll never forget, this footage was taken on my birthday 2nd July, I’ve had to trim it so much to try and capture as much as I could, I know I’m making lots of little mistakes, but thats why I was there to try and improve my techniques, hope you enjoy the footage

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